Thursday, February 4, 2010

Special Discount of Flower girl dresses for Group Order

A dazzling affair is coming up and you are in charge of purchasing beautiful formal girl dresses for the event. What do you do? While it seems like a daunting task, if you take your time to separate each step, the process will be smoother and less stressful. First off, you want to schedule a day to get all the girls’ measurements. When placing orders online, it is imperative that you get the necessary measurements to ensure the best fitting size; the chest, waist and length (shoulder to hem). Once you have all the necessary measurements on hand, select a day to decide which dress you would like to purchase. This can be done separately with a deadline date, or you guys can all get together in one place to browse through the various styles we offer on our website. I personally would recommend the 2nd option so that you can squeeze some fun social time while being productive. It is recommended that you select at least 2 styles so that in case the first one is unavailable, you can go with the backup style.

You can send us an email or give us a call, and a helpful representative should be more than happy to assist you in checking the availability of the dresses. I would say we have 90% of the styles on our website in stock; some styles are on backorder and such, but we can definitely provide up to date information on any particular merchandise. Upon checking availability, look carefully at our home page to make sure that you are taking advantage of all our current promotions. Once you’re finished with your order, you’re all set. Allow 1 day for processing, and 4-5 business days for domestic ground shipping. International orders take roughly 7-10 business days.

Whether it’s for flower girls, junior bridesmaids or for a birthday party, the variety and selection on our website should facilitate your quest in finding that perfect little girl dress!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Accessories Lend The Flower Girl Dress Unique Appearance

The flower girl is a very important member of wedding thus should be dressed well. She plays an important role of throwing flowers on the way of the bride and will certainly draw special attention from guests present in wedding. Therefore her appearance should be mind blowing.

Outfit plays a very important role in making appearance. It should be one of its kinds. But at the same time accessories also give equally adorable look and add stars to visual aspect. Accessories for the flower girl are unique and not like others. Remember she is a cute child and adorning her with gaudy accessories will give her mature look instead of innocent. Let her remain soft and supple, which is her greatest asset. Grace your flower girl with below written accessories and play up her looks.


Jewelry comprises the main part of accessories. With regard to flower girl dresses minimal jewelry is enough. A simple necklace and simple pair of earrings is decent to adorn her. Overdoing will ruin her show.

Bows, Ribbons, and Sashes

These are a very cute and attraction gathering accessories for the flower girl and greatly enhance her looks. They impart baby like appearance and also very good for emphasizing color theme if any set for wedding. Bows, ribbons and sashes looks good on everyone.


The main work of flower girl is to carry basket carrying flower petals, so how nice it will be if she herself be adorned with flowers. It will be a charming addition to her looks.


Head accessories are a fun accessory to adorn flower girl. Tiara is looked upon as main headpiece and lend endearing look. But do not overdo with head accessories as it will make her feel uncomfortable.


Gloves are an elegant accessory for flower girl to complete the look. They should be of the same color of the dress. But every flower girl is not comfortable in using gloves, thus wear them only if they are enthusiastic about the idea of wearing them. Wrist-length gloves are most appropriate for flower girls.

Others accessories

In other accessories jackets held great importance and great for looking well groomed. Bolero jackets give gorgeous appearance to a flower girl. Also a knit, satin, lace, or brocade bolero jacket is a great way to accessorize a white or plain-color dress. Ensure that a fabric of the jacket is not coarse.

The above accessories though simple but will lend your flower girl a princess like appearance. They are not only about adorning flower girl but flower girl dress also.

By Jake Smith

Monday, January 18, 2010

Spring Events and Knee Length Dresses…

With the fiery winter season behind us (well, almost!), most of us are relishing the coming of spring. It is the coming of warmth, growth and nourishment; a new beginning on life. With such symbolism entailed to this wonderful season, it is no wonder that many extraordinary events are held during this time of year. Whether it’s a luscious spring wedding or a faithful Easter celebration, these events call for little girls to don their very best outfits. Spring dresses represents vibrant, lush, bold colors that coincide with comfort and ease. Forget about long styles that can cause ripping, dragging, tripping and staining. Knee length dresses offer relief to all such criteria and is a perfect selection you might want to choose for your own little girl. We have an array of knee length dresses that complement the bright and colorful time of the season.

Tulle Printed Polka Dot Flower Girl Dress-Yellow





(L4222)This is a very popular dress during this time of the year. Available in 7 luminous shades, the L4222 perfectly resonate the bright and upbeat tone of spring. The glittering polka dots highlight the style that makes it unique from other knee length dresses. It’s a fun yet elegant style that’s suitable for any special occasion.



Orange Taffeta Flower Girl Dresses




 (L4206)The color! The flower! This perfectly made knee length dress is the epitome of a spring dress. Available in several bright colors, it sets the tone for a sunny, glorious time. This is the perfect Easter dress, available with a matching shawl.




Flower Trim Chiffon Dress - Y9516





(Y9516)This is a newer style that’s recently been added to our dress line. The beautiful rosettes on the bodice make this an elegant, yet a fun party dress. It’s a loose fitting attire that is comfortable to wear, but still makes your little girl feel like a princess.








(CC612)This is a fans’ favorite! Loose fitting dress with delicate rosettes on the bodice, the simplicity yet colorful, relaxed mood it stirs makes it such a top demand item. Available in fun colors, this is a definite must consider dress!




Elastic Chest Line with Ruffle Finished Flower Girl Dress




 If you only knew how many times we heard the word ‘cute’ when describing this style. It is a very relaxing, knee length dress that’s loose fitting with elastic bands on the chest and hemline for easy wear. The organza flower detail gives it a delicate touch, and because of the versatile nature of this style, it can be worn to a plethora of events!




Selecting a knee length dress that represents the spring season has never been so easy! The styles we mentioned today are just a small fragment of choices we offer online. Whether you are a flower girl for an outdoor spring wedding, or whether you are preparing for a wonderful Easter, these knee length dresses are the perfect match to go with the occasion.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Taffeta Flower Girl Dress Overhaul!

With the white winter season passing us by, we will soon see the green arrival of spring. Spring is a time of beginnings and many couples arrange for spring weddings to denote a new beginning of life together. A spring wedding is fun, warm and light. While you are considering the many things that go into a wedding, your mind crosses to the young special girl who will be walking down the aisle, gently sprinkling the floor with petals. Today, there are so many variations with flower girl dresses as there are with wedding gowns that the task of selecting the right one is a tough decision. We want to help this selection process by particularly focusing on taffeta flower girl dresses for this entry. Taffeta is a light woven fabric made from either silk or synthetic fibres (our material is poly-taffeta). It is the perfect fabric for a spring wedding, and we have a great variety of selections that you might want to consider for your own special day.

Simple Pick Up Style Ankle Length Dress - CD599Sleeveless Taffeta Pick-Up Flower Girl Dress

These pick up taffeta dresses are fabulous styles for a spring wedding. They are light and elegant at the same time, and since they are both tea length dresses you don’t have to worry about your little girl tripping. The CD599 is a bit longer toward the ankles, and you can select a different colored sash with the dress. The T5374 has little rosettes on the pick ups which go according to the sash color you select. Both are great styles that are absolutely great for spring, not just visually, but your flower girl will feel very comfortable wearing these dresses.

 Dress with Removable Sash and Flowers on the Skirt


 (BL101) If you prefer something a bit on the tame side, this style is perfect for you. This style offers the comfortable, light feel of the taffeta fabric and is lovely in its own way with the subtle layering of the skirt as well as the detachable rosettes on the hemline. You can also pick and choose which sash color you want with the dress! For a cool spring and summer wedding, this is the perfect selection that not only complements the time of season, but also conveys warmth and elegance that is proper for a wedding.

Bubble Dress, Jacket and Shawl Luxury Set



(T9200) This is a great selection if you’re looking for a taffeta bubble skirt dress. Available in vibrant colors, it’s a picturesque delight against the spring and summer backdrop. You can have the option of wearing the jacket or the shawl, and the thing I stress the most is the fact that the flower girl will feel very comfortable in this dress. For little girls that feel the best when they are comfortable, you will not have any problems with this selection!


Rose Printed Flower Girl Dress



 (K256) A wonderful choice for a flower girl dress if you want something light and summery, but also want a dress that exudes quiet elegance. This style makes a statement without needing a splash of colors. Available in 3 demure colors, this is another style that incorporates style and comfort. The rose print patterns on the skirt create a visually stunning entrance for your little flower girl.





When thoughtfully contemplating about what kind of flower girl dress you want for your wedding, definitely consider the elegance and comfort that taffeta styles bring. This overhaul is actually just a sample of the different styles available on our site. But it’s in the hopes that it will bring ideas and more awareness of what exactly you desire for your flower girl that we ultimately want to happen.


Monday, December 14, 2009

A Wonderful Communion Memory..

Your child’s first Communion is a very important time as these initial steps in faith pave the way for a lifetime of spiritual nourishment and fulfillment. It is a time that not only brings a family closer together but the ceremony strengthens the fellowship amongst believers and also ties the new with the old generation. Considering the steep tradition associated with this ritual, it is no wonder that parents want to dress their little girl in the best Communion dress possible. While other colors are optional, white is the color that’s heavily favored because of the purity it represents. We would like to ease the process of selecting a First Communion dress by showing you some of the wonderful varieties we have in stock.

Short Puff Sleeve All Satin Communion DressSleeveless Satin Bodice Flower Girl Dress

A simple look is shown by these two selections above. These starch white tea length style dresses possess a quiet elegance in its simplicity. If the occasional calls for something that is low-key and conservative, these are the styles that you might want to go for.

Tiered Organza Layer Flower Girl DressOrganza Layered Pleats  Flower Girl Dress

If you are looking for something a bit fancier, look no further than these two beautifully tiered dresses. The T5290 has a solid top with organza tiers that make this a clean, smooth look. The L4207 has a mix of organza with lace, giving this look a more traditional touch. The L4207 comes with a matching shawl to cover the girl’s shoulders if the occasion requires it.

Caviar Beaded Satin Dress and a Bolero Set

A two piece set is also a very suitable choice for a girl’s First Communion. This caviar beaded matte satin dress comes with a satin bolero jacket that makes an appropriately good contrast while still keeping its regal integrity. The A-line style of the dress is complementing on any body type, and you are sure to receive much flattery.

 A Communion ceremony binds steep tradition and unwavering faith. It is an important period in a believer’s life and as such, should be celebrated with your best foot forward. Our dresses offer the perfect blend of purity, faith and modernism to make your girl feel at her best on one of the most important days of her life.

- JM

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

‘Tis The Season!

The holidays are here! This means getting together with loved ones to reminisce and reflect on past memories and looking forward to a better future. The holidays are a time of great warmth and mouth watering meals. Special occasions call for people to look their very best and no exception is made concerning the special little ones in your life. At, we have a great selection of holiday dresses to fit the tastes of all parties involved.


The classic red dress reminds us of the warmth of the holidays and the eager awaiting of Santa Claus. It is a color that never goes out of style and complements the features of any little girl donning it.

Infant and Toddler's flower girl dressTaffeta flower girl dress with Velvet bodice and velvet printed

This is a very classic style red dress that’s perfect for the holidays. The puffy sleeves with the bow in the front make for a festive mood and will make any girl feel special and wonderful. For the young girl who is just coming to realize and enjoy all the treasures of the holiday season, why not make her feel like a part of it in this majestic red colored dress. For those wanting a bit more sleeve to the attire, the L4236 with its long sleeved velvet top makes for a warm but also comfortable choice.

 Stretch Velvet Bodice w/ Flocked Taffeta SkirtBubble Tafetta Dress with velvet Jacket - CD551

Red isn’t the only option to show holiday spirit. Warm colors such as gold or the cool, frosty color of blue are also great selections. Gold will bring out the warm glow of a young girl excited for Christmas, while blue accentuates the fluster buster of anxious giggles and laughter. To top off such a stunning dress for your little one, we also offer capes and jackets to keep the cold away. Style T7891 is a furry little cape that not only provides warmth but will make your girl feel like a little princess. The K127 is a full fleece coat that will provide extra warmth for those cold winter days.

Faux Fur StoleFleece cape style coat

The holidays are an important and cherished time for all your loved ones to gather and rejoice. Wanting to put your best foot forward is natural and creating a loving memory for your little ones will be something they will cherish and embrace all their life. Finding that perfect dress is only part of the equation, but it is a part that we gladly want to help in creating that perfect holiday time.

- JM

Monday, December 7, 2009

Purchasing That Perfect Little Girl Dress..

A formal affair is something that everyone looks forward to and enjoys, but for a beautiful little girl, this is the beginning of a life time of memories. And selecting that perfect dress for your little one can be a daunting task. With a particular criteria or a particular style that you are interested in purchasing, there is just a myriad of dresses and places to choose from. Expectations are high and nerves are wrought at the idea of preparing for this special event. We at, want to facilitate that process as much as possible. Our first entry was dedicated to the different types of flower girl dresses available on our website. This entry is dedicated on how to go about placing an order online. Here is a quick run down on placing an order with us.


Comfortably browse through our selections of different styles and colors. Many of our dresses have several images to display the different colors available. Read the descriptions to see the dress length and if a matching shawl is included. The most important part that we must stress when browsing through our website or purchasing anything online is to get your measurements! Chest, waist and length (shoulder to hem) are integral parts to ensure that you get the closest fitting dress. Our sizing chart represents a very accurate measurement of the actual dress. If you take a look at our chart, you will notice the third note addressing the purchase of a dress 1-2 inches larger than body measurement. We stress that this is not a mandatory rule, rather a suggestion that you can decide on for yourself. A lot of people feel it is easier to take in a style than letting it out, but in no way should you feel obligated to particularly purchase this way.


Now you have selected a style and know what size to get; perfect! Before purchasing the items, please read through our Return & Exchange policy. It is actually a standard procedure that we advise you to do before making any purchase online. After you have fully read our policy, all that’s left is to proceed to check out. Please note that we have two ways to check out. If you register on our website, your email information is taken to send out automated updates on the status of your order. Guest checkout is convenient for those who do not have time to register, but since no email information is taken, you will have to give us a call or email us to receive the tracking number for your package. Make sure to fill out your billing information correctly to avoid a decline on the order. If the transaction fails to go through, please double check all your information before resubmitting the order. If it fails again, we advise you call your credit card issuer to see what the issue is. Even if everything has been resolved after the phone call, please wait till the next business day to place the order.


After placing your order, please allow one day for processing. The package then gets shipped out the next business day and for UPS ground shipping, estimated delivery time is 4-5 business days. Give yourself an ample amount of time before placing the order. A good time frame is roughly 2 months before the event, in case you have to make alterations or need to make an exchange.


A good guideline definitely helps you make better decisions when placing your order, but if you still feel unsure, please know that a representative is only a call away to help you find that perfect little girl’s dress!

- JM